Vlad Griss is one of the few contemporary artists, who works in the art of bronze plastics. His sculptures are quite unique, queerish and grasp the attention of the viewer by intricate shapes, overwhelming emotion and epatage.

The artist derives his inspiration from trying to understand the surrounding world by turning it inside out, flaking it and breaking into pieces to rip off the outer illusive shell and strive for harmony. The concept is based on the artist's perception of the universe and is reflected through energetic and dynamic visual images, which are to bring about a powerful flow of inspiration coming deep from the heart.

With high professionalism the artist utilizes a special technique of bronze plastics and polish. The artworks created this way in surrealistic manner are infused with passion and the eternal harmony, which seems to go on forever. Bronze as a noble metal itself appears to be a symbol of infinite power of such noble qualities

as love, faith, wisdom, strength, which is expressed through the artistic images. For instance, the artwork “Four-Dimensional Crucifixion” develops the issue dedicated to the eternal conflict of unity of God and tearing Him into four world religions.

When describing Vlad Griss's sculptures, we find ourselves in the world of symbolism, where the Beauty comes from under the mask of Tragedy, which reflects the transformation of habitual patterns and destroying the familiar stereotypes of beauty perception. It excites and lures the viewer with its mystery and incomprehensible depth.

"I found myself completely drawn in the depth of "brutal esthetics" of your sculptures. I am well-known as "the king of cashmere", so I'm gonna call you "king of bronze" - said an old friend and fan of Vlad Griss's artworks, a famous French designer Lucien Pella-Finet. He is a frequent quest in his studio and in the personal collection of the couturier there is a number of Vlad Griss's pieces of art.